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14th May 2019

When Your Life Is Online

Life Hack is a comedy with a handful of nominations and a couple of wins to it’s name, it’s not uproariously funny but it does have one or two laugh out loud moments, it also has some thoroughly cringy moments though which make you want to bury your head in the couch.  

Sloan Copeland (“Wet Behind The Ears 2014”, “Unreal 2004”) has written a script that encourages ad-lib and comes across very naturally but with it comes awkward moments and rather prolonged exchanges that weren’t as funny as they could have been. I’m not generally a fan of awkward-real-to-life comedy so others may find this much more amusing than I did. 

Life Hack is more than just a comedy though, it’s an apt reminder to all of us who use the internet for practically everything that the more you put out there the easier it is to someone to track you down and do what they want with your data – and not all of us have the backup of Derek Wilson (“Preacher”, “Future Man”) and his smouldering good looks (and technical wizardry).

The acting throughout is natural and believable. Jessica Copeland – wife of the writer and director (“Wet Behind The Ears”) plays her part of the slightly naive maiden well and the chemistry between her and Charlie, Derek Wilson, is electric.

The whole film basically stems from Carolyn’s (Copeland) rather childish first action but other streams are drawn in as the film develops and in the end there’s a satisfying conclusion. 

Life Hack is filmed almost in the style of a docu-comedy with the camera being like a fly-on-the-wall in many scenes. This is no bad thing and compliments the script and acting style very well.

Tech-speak is also broken down in a non-patronising way for those of us who are less nerdy so the majority won’t feel alienated.

If you’re looking for a comedy with a bit more of a serious edge then Life Hack is a good choice and If there’s a take-away message it’s to cover your webcam (especially if you’re shinning your shoes) and make friends with hackers (preferably handsome ones who’ll rescue your honour). 

Life Hack is an incredibly timely ensemble comedy about digital privacy... or lack thereof

13th May 2019

Sloan Copeland

Sloan Copeland

Running Time:
1h 30min

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