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25th November 2017

The Terrible Foursome Are Back

It hasn’t been long since the first Lazer Team movie, one of the first movies from YouTube Red, and now the gang are back to battle yet more aliens.

The first Lazer Team, whilst far from original, or particularly that good, was ok to watch if you were stuck for something to do on a lazy Sunday.

Four guys accidentally end up saving the planet mostly thanks to some alien technology they find and put on that helps them win the fight.

Second time round and the same four: Burnie Burns as Hagan, Colton Dunn as Herman, Gavin Free as Woody and Michael Jones as Zach, aren’t exactly best of friends anymore and a bit sick of having this alien technology stuck to them.

Victoria Pratt (Mutant X (TV), Patient Killer) makes an appearance as an army commander with a grudge to bear whose a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

New girl Nichole Bloom (Shameless (TV), Superstore (TV)) joins the gang. She is originally helping Woody out in a government lab until he’s taken by some weird tentacles through a portal they’ve created.

Bloom must get the Lazer Team back together in order to go after Woody and, as it transpires, save the planet once more.

As with the first Lazer Team, it’s probably best not to think too hard about the plot or story. At one hour and 20 minutes, nothing is dwelt on for very long and the ‘getting the band back together’ montage is over so quick it’s pointless to even be in the movie.

It’s obvious from the opening five minutes what the story is going to be and you always remain a few steps ahead of where things are going. The jokes are lacklustre and crude at best.

Obviously, it all comes right at the end, in a move which has so little surprise and heart that you may not even notice there was meant to be a turning point.

I doubt Lazer Team 2 is meant for me though, I’m probably not ‘target audience’. It’s made by YouTube Red and is therefore made for the YouTube generation, it even has Gavin Free from the Slow Mo Guys in it again.

Whilst I watch YouTube videos, including the Slow Mo Guys, I’m not the type to while away the hours clicking from vid-to-vid, watching ‘funny cat videos’ or that type of thing. Perhaps that’s why Lazer Team 2 just doesn’t appeal.

I don’t know the answer, I can only judge it as a film and, as a film, Lazer Team 2 feels like an extended episode of something you’d see on the SyFy channel. Still, looks like the cast had a fun time making it.

It hasn't been long since the first Lazer Team movie, one of the first movies from YouTube Red, and now the gang are back to battle yet more aliens.

Daniel Fabelo, Matt Hullum

Daniel Fabelo, Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns

Running Time:
1h 26min


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