Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Review

Defeat The Evil EDM!

I doubt anyone anticipated the success of the first Hotel Transylvania movie. Zany comedy with a virtually unrecognisable Adam Sandler (“Pixels”, “Blended”) voicing Dracula.

The success of the original animation brought up a sequel in 2015 and now we have a third movie that sees all the gang go on a vacation, a cruise no-less!

All the usual gang are here from the first two, so I won’t go through everyone, but this film is very much focussed on Dracula and the ships captain Ericka, Kathryn Hahn (“Afternoon Delight”, “Transparent (TV)”).

She is hosting the first monster cruise to see various sights, culminating in a trip to the lost city of Atlantis. But are things as they seem? Or will Van Helsing, Jim Gaffigan (“The Bleeder”, “The Senator”), have something to say about it all?

The good thing about the Hotel Transylvania series is you know what you’re in for, you have an expectation, there are even catchphrases for some of the characters, blah-de-blah anyone?

That’s all here, however the makers have struggled to ensure the story encompasses all the characters, to the point you wonder why they made the effort to try at times.

Dracula, his daughter, the captain and Van Helsing all have plenty to do and there’s a slight detour involving the giant dog, Tinkles and Blobby pops up quite a bit too.

But these storylines don’t really go anywhere, and you wonder why they were included. Still, given this is aimed at young children, they really won’t mind.

There are genuine funny moments and, of course, a heart-warming message about inclusion and all getting along and defeating EDM music too, so all good on that front.

The fish, the waiters etc on the boat, are very funny. They have a very dry approach, excuse the pun, and when they begin singing Downtown by Macklemore, well, you’ve got to laugh haven’t you!

The animation is gorgeous, though I was slightly puzzled as to why Ericka was drawn in a really old-school way. She reminded of Popeye, and, at times, the animation seems to hark back to animations of old, think when characters used to screech to a halt before a cliff edge for example.

There’s not a lot to say about Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. If you enjoyed the first two, you’ll enjoy this one, if you didn’t, you won’t. It’s as funny, as cutesy and as adorable, if not a tad predictable for the adults.

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