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2nd July 2019

Is It All About The Money, Money, Money?

When you’re in a relationship, there are probably different reasons why your partner swept you off your feet. Was it because of the personality, the looks, the common interests or… the money?

Pretty sure that most of us would be in a relationship for love, affection and certainly not for some cash. However, with his latest film director Mark Murphy (“The Comedian’s Guide to Survival”, “Awaiting”) shows us that a romantic relationship can be all about the money.

Or is there still room for love in “For Love or Money” after all? Well, that’s for you to find out in this funny, humouristic but slightly predictable (un)romantic comedy.

A childhood crush. We’ve all had one. Whether it was that gorgeous popular young kid from school or that pretty girl next doors.

Mark (Robert Kazinsky) is no exception. As a young boy, he declared his love to his childhood crush Connie (Samantha Barks) with a sweet little poem but sadly it didn’t end as he had hoped for. Instead, he got bullied for it by his classmates.

They always say that karma is a bitch and that’s certainly the case. Instead of having a nice school reunion so many years later, the former classmates come together for the funeral of Tommy, one of the bullies.

Seeing Connie brings back both good and bad memories for Mark. Despite a funeral not being the best place to make a first (or is this technically the second move?), Mark doesn’t give up to woo over Connie.

After refusing him again but still accepting his business card, Mark is being left with mixed feelings about a possible date.

However, never give up hope. Connie is finally ready to go for a relationship and it seems going totally right for both of them. Doesn’t take long before they make it official, they move in with each other soon and that important question is being asked right after that.

Saying that Mark is being blinded by love would be a complete understatement. It’s clear that they don’t fit together: No affection, no love and certainly no happiness.

However, Mark’s eyes are about to be wide open as he learns that his bride-to-be is plotting against him with her boyfriend Johnny (Ed Speleers) to get his money. Was the whole relationship just a lie or was there a little bit of love?

During our interview with director Mark Murphy, he mentioned that the story itself came from a bad business relationship he had with a producer.

Instead of the film being about a business relationship, he decided to turn it into a romantic one and filled it with humour and charm. Despite the fact we would have loved to see the original story (it might have been a little more original), that decision was the perfect one he could make.

We never saw a more amusing funeral scene like the one in “For Love Or Money”. It wasn’t only because of the funny and cleverly written story but also because of David Hargreaves as the Priest. It clearly sets the tone for the rest of the film.

After the television series “Movie Kingdom” and the full-length feature film “The Comedian’s Guide to Survival”, it’s the third time Murphy ventures into comedy.

This shines through in not only the story but also the casting. During our interview, he mentioned that he found Robert Kazinsky (“Eastenders (TV)”, “Spivak”) the perfect lead after seeing his auditioning tape and we couldn’t agree more.

Kazinsky delivers an incredibly funny, charming and amusing performance that makes us giggle throughout the entire film. There will be a new Murphy-Kazinsky collaboration and if it’s as entertaining as this one, it would be wonderful.

“For Love Or Money” is the first movie in which Samantha Barks (“Interlude In Prague”, “Bitter Harvest”) takes on a more humouristic role and she does it with a lot of flair and cheekiness.

After proposing to Carrie, Mark chooses his best friend and former housemate Tim (Tony Way) as his best man and it’s clear that Way (“Edge of Tomorrow”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) was the best actor to play Tim. He brings even more wittiness, funny moments and cleverness to this film.

In almost every romantic comedy you have the overly good looking and cocky guy who has an ego as big as his bank account and in this one you have Johnny, played delightfully by Ed Speleers (“Breathe”, “Alice Through The Looking Glass”).

Joining this fascinating foursome is Rachel Hurd-Wood (“Dorian Gray”, “Peter Pan”) as Kendra, Connie’s oldest friend who seems to be out for revenge. Hurd-Wood doesn’t only add a lot of banter to this film but also some seriousness.

The original title of this movie was “The Revenger: An Unromantic Comedy” so even if you hate a romantic comedy you will love this one. There are romantic elements (the couple, the lovely dinners, the sweet proposal, etc.) but what rules in this movie is the love-hate relationship between the couple and revenge which results in a funny, witty and clever-made film.

A fairy tale romance takes an unexpected turn when Mark discovers his beautiful bride-to-be, Connie, has actually been plotting against him.

8th July 2019

Mark Murphy

Sabrina Lepage, Mark Murphy

Running Time:
1h 35min


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