Sci-Fi London Festival 2019: Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale

The Future Is White

by OC Movies


Outside of time, a teen hooker, lo-fi cowboy and mute drifter cross a white desert to experience the final gig of their mysterious rockstar hero.

17th May 2019



Running Time:
1h 14mins


Towards the end of Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale, Analog, played by Kazushi Watanabe (“19”, “Space Police”), says “well that was a waste of time”, and he sums up the film perfectly. But, my god, it looks amazing.

Is that enough? I am unsure. I’m unsure as to what I’ve just watched if I’m honest. It felt like an extra, extra long art installation. Fonotune is filled with searing white scenes, be they clouds in the sky, the clothes people wear or the white desert they walk across.

Because walking is the main source of action in Fonotune. Mono, played by writer and director FINT (“Visiting Uwe”, “Sprawl”), does the majority. He’s a mute, heading into the desert to see his hero Blitz, Guitar Wolf (who you’ll have to Google), play live.

He is joined on his journey by Stereo (aka The Hooker), Yuho Yamashita (“The Forest”, “Take Down”), Analog and Bubblegum, Kiki Sukezane (“Lost In Space (TV)”, “Heroes Reborn (TV)”).

They all wear headphones, tuning in to long dead radio stations except one where a man in a white suit, with a white mask, in a white room, plays an eclectic mix of whatever to whoever may be listening.

And that’s about it. That is literally the film. It’s an hour and 14 minutes of walking, very little talking, very, very little talking and some tunes.

It does look amazing though, bizarre as the whole thing is, FINT has done an amazing job on the looks front. I’m just not entirely sure what I was actually looking at.

Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale had its UK premiere (with Q&A)on 17th May as part of Sci-Fi London (15-22 May)


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