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Eaten By Lions

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The familial bond between Omar and his brother was something I really loved reading and felt would be really interesting to translate on screen.

Quoting Antonio Aakeel (Tomb Raider, Three Girls (TV)) on one of the reasons why he wanted to be part of Eaten by Lions, the new Jason Wingard (In Another Life, Going to Mecca) film. We couldn’t have described the movie better ourselves.

It’s indeed about the familial and great bond between two half-brothers who are set on an adventure searching for Omar’s long-missing father.

Their quest has been made into this, a very open and heartening movie about why a loving and caring family is the best thing in the world.

As mentioned before, Eaten by Lions is about the Omar, Antonio Aakeel and Pete, Jack Carroll (Trollied (TV), Doctors (TV)) looking for Omar’s dad because of a letter left by their beloved Gran, Stephanie Fayerman (Casualty (TV), Screenplay) who has sadly just died.

During her life, she kept some secrets about Omar’s father but in her last letter she confessed she knew much more than she let on.

It turns out Omar was the “result” of one steamy night between his mother and an unknown man. Bagged with his birth certificate, his mother’s diary, a photograph from that particular night and with his grandmother’s urn, Omar is determined to finally meet the man he can call his father.

Together with Pete, he sets off to Blackpool where their hunt begins. However, it will take them so much further than they initially thought. Their journey will bring them joy, happiness but also sadness and insecurity.

Will Omar be able to find his father or did the identity of the mystery man die with the lovely Gran?

According to Akeel, Blackpool is such an interesting place and that indeed really shined through the movie. First of all, it’s the eclectic bunch of people you will see in both the movie as probably in real life as well.

Eaten by Lions is a diverse film, from the leading characters, but also the people they meet during their trip: from Indian people with their colourful culture to the crazy fortune teller to the lovely British girls. Because of this, the film really gets a multicultural and vivid vibe.

That vibe has been also created by the wonderful cinematography by the hand of Matt North (Relativity, Play The Game). It’s probably not always sunny weather in Blackpool but it certainly looks like that in Eaten by Lions.

Its vibrant colours, nightlife and well known pier are very present in the film which makes it a pleasure to watch.

Another reason why you should go and check out Eaten by Lions is because of the incredibly funny and witty story. Of course, the main story is just two men on the lookout for a father but there’s so much more to this.

A lot of humour is interwoven into this movie thanks to, maybe predictable, unlucky and clumsy encounters with the possible fathers.

Their lives, as well as the ones of their currents families, are being turned upside down by Omar and Peter in a very hilarious way.

Sometimes accidental but sometimes also with a reason behind it. It will make you laugh and grin the whole time.

It’s not only the story that will make you smile but also the entertaining acting performances from Akkeel and Carroll. Together they are performing the half-brothers who, despite coming from slightly different backgrounds, really have the brotherhood connection.

Being there for each other, pushing one and other to achieve their dreams and supporting whenever and where ever they can. If you have a (half) brother yourself, you might recognize the great connection you have with him in the relationship you see on screen thanks to the leading actors.

If you don’t have any siblings, then you get to know what you might have missed in real life.

It might seem that Eaten by Lions is just an ordinary movie about the search of two men looking for some closure regarding long lost family. No, it’s a delightful movie that’s been driven by amazing performances, joyful humour and a heart-warming cinematography.

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