Dunkirk [Limited Edition Filmbook Blu-ray]

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19th December 2017

Is It Worth The Outlay?

I have an irrational hatred of how many versions of DVD’s, Blu-ray’s and, now, 4k discs studios release for a single film. Here we look at the Filmbook version of Dunkirk.

If you haven’t seen Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk then you have missed out and you should take the opportunity to see it on the largest screen possible, IMAX ideally.

That said, you may not have that opportunity again and so purchasing it is the next best thing. Your options, as usual with these things, are numerous.

I was very tempted by the 4k version of the movie, given how amazing it looked when I saw it back on IMAX. However, just before I purchased, I found this limited edition Filmbook version and decided I could always add the 4k version later if I wished.

I was excited to get this version, sold to me as a two-disc version, plus digital download and a limited-edition book about the making of the film.

Whilst I’d love to be able to tell you I’m thrilled with the purchase; the truth is I’m anything but. In fact, I feel royally fleeced of my hard-earned money.

Yes, you receive the film, the quality of which is outstanding. Yes, you receive the Ultraviolet version and yes there is a second disc filled with some extras (more on those shortly).

However, the magical, limited edition book is, in fact, a shortened version of a full 144 page ‘The Making Of Dunkirk’ book that’s available.

The book is part of the packaging of the Blu-ray, as in it’s built into it, unable to be removed. At just 32 pages in length it is also a fraction of the main book and is largely picture based.

Perhaps because of this book being glued to the packaging, the two discs are sandwiched on top of each other and can be quite difficult to access.

My advice, save your pennies and avoid this edition at all costs. It is not, as you can see from the picture, a separate book. There is a book available, but you don’t receive it by purchasing this Blu-ray.

Buy the standard Blu-ray version and the book or, even better, buy the 4k version and the book and avoid this absolute rip-off.

You can read our review of the film here.

The extras available are:

  • Creation: Revisiting The Miracle (Featurette) 7:44
  • Creation: Dunkerque (Featurette) 4:53
  • Creation: Expanding the Frame (Featurette) 3:22
  • Creation: The In-Camera Approach (Featurette) 5:47
  • Land: Rebuilding the Mole (Featurette) 5:55
  • Land: The Army On the Beach (Featurette) 5:13
  • Land: Uniform Approach (Featurette) 5:16
  • Air: Taking to the Air (Featurette) 12:27
  • Air: Inside the Cockpit (Featurette) 5:53
  • Sea: Assembling the Naval Fleet (Featurette) 3:34
  • Sea: Launching the Moonstone (Featurette) 5:49
  • Sea: Taking to the Sea (Featurette) 13:37
  • Sea: Sinking the Ships (Featurette) 7:22
  • Sea: The Little Ships (Featurette) 5:51
  • Conclusion: Turning Up the Tension (Featurette) 7:10
  • Conclusion: The Dunkirk Spirit (Featurette) 7:47

I have an irrational hatred of how many versions of DVD's, Blu-ray's and, now, 4k discs studios release for a single film. Here we look at the Filmbook version of Dunkirk.

Christoper Nolan

Christoper Nolan

Running Time:
1h 46min


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