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8th June 2019

Laughs, Thrills And Ride Shares

These ride share movies keep on trucking don’t they? I have watched five of them already. This phenomenon makes sense though, it is a fairly new part of life that opens the door to many storytelling possibilities. I am happy to say that this latest movie I saw, Driven, turned this sub-genre into a whole new direction.

Driven is a Horror/Comedy that revolves around Emerson, played by Casey Dillard (“Starve”), who’s night as a ride share driver takes a violent swing once a lone stranger gets into her car.

This stranger is Roger, portrayed with great honesty by Richard Speight Jr. The movie feels like a well crafted stage play, a two-hander as it is known, with our two leads firing compelling dialogue back and forth at each other.

I’ll have to pump the brakes here, in order to not spoil what makes Driven a trip worth taking. The movie has surrealistic lighting, a clash of red and blue which was a good match for the tone of this story.

This is a visual technique that I have not agreed with in other cases but the cinematographer Michael Williams and crew pull it off here in Driven.

Given the contained nature of setting a movie mostly inside a car, the camera gave us fresh perspectives of the action and did an exceptional job on what I can guess was a modest budget.

Driven transports us through this narrative with top notch writing and free wheeling performances. Picture a horror comedy like Bubba Ho-Tep crashed with ride share thrillers such as Ryde and Driver.

Casey Dillard fully embodies the role of Emerson, a down on her luck, ride share driver who practices her stand up comedy routine between fares. Dillard delivers these lines with a sharp wit, and for good reason……. she wrote these words.

Casey Dillard not only stars as Emerson, but also wrote Driven, this being her first feature writing credit. This intersection between writer and actor shined brightly on screen.

The movie was equally well directed by Glen Payne (“Earthrise”). In true indie form Payne and Dillard also Produced Driven.

I recommend for fans of Horror, Comedy and the supernatural alike to see Driven. Settle in for laughs and buckle up for the thrills. This movie is part of the 2019 Dances With Films midnight series line up. Driven will screen on June 15th at 11:45pm.

Curt Wiser is the Writer/Director of the suspense feature Cam-Girl. As a filmmaker he is happy to take the back seat, give a kind word about other films and share them with the rest of the world.

Emerson Graham's nights as a cab driver are filled with annoyances and inconveniences, but until tonight, never attacks and disappearances.

9th February 2019

Glenn Payne

Casey Dillard

Running Time:
1hr 30 Min.

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