Is This A Dream, Or Reality?

Straight outta Denmark comes this sweet little animated feature that follows in the footsteps of Pixars’ “Inside Out”.

Now, that’s an ambition, and those are good things, but the reality is, Disney-Pixar are a huge company with budgets to match, the people behind Dreambuilders…well, they aren’t.

The idea, from Kim Hagen Jensen (“Will-Bot: Friend Or Foe”) who also co-directs, is very sweet and hugely ambitious, but it never quite reaches its lofty goals.

The story centres around Minna, voiced by Robyn Dempsey (“I.T.”, “Little Roy (TV)”) in the US version, a young girl who lives with her father, since her mother left them to become a singer.

The father meets someone new and eventually this woman, and her daughter Jenny, voiced by Emma Jenkins, move in with them.

Minna’s only escape are her dreams, and when she accidentally breaks her dream to reveal a soundstage and director Gaff, Luke Griffin, she knows things aren’t as they seem.

Gaff has been building Minna’s dreams since she was small and has a soft spot for the young girl so when she asks for her help to save her pet hamster by changing Jenny’s dream, he reluctantly agrees.

This though, leads to Minna wanting to change more, and when Jenny finds out what’s been going on, things go too far, and the girls end up in the ‘dream trash’, a place that no-one has ever got out of.

Soren Grinderslev Hansen (“Slush Ice (Short)”, “Danny’s Doomsday”) is on screenplay duties with Tonni Zinck (“Udkantsdreng (Short)”, “Von Du: Genstart (Short)”) co-directing.

As I said at the start, the idea is absolutely lovely. That there are these, I’m not quite sure what they are, robots and weird, alien-type people, directing your dreams on a soundstage is great.

But the story around it, of two girls being forced together to become a new family, isn’t anything new and it’s all very obvious as it goes on.

However, it’s not meant for me, it’s meant for children, it has a U rating after all, and I’ve no doubt they’ll love it.

Sure, the animation isn’t comparable to the likes of anything from Pixar, think “Masha And The Bear” and you aren’t a million miles away, and it is dubbed, which doesn’t help the animation as the mouths are obviously out of sync.

However, it’s a cute film that doesn’t do any harm in the world and, as always with these things, they all live happily ever after at the end.

Signature Entertainment presents Dreambuilders in Cinemas nationwide July 4th

Minna, a young girl who misuses her newfound ability to create and control other people's dreams to teach her bothersome stepsister a lesson.

4th July 2020

Kim Hagen Jensen, Tonni Zinck

Søren Grinderslev Hansen, Kim Hagen Jensen

Running Time:
1h 21min

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