Dance, Dance, Dance!

by Liselotte Vanophem

Climax is anything but boring and dull. What do you expect from a movie about dancers going completely over the top during their final dance? Totally this!

21st September 2018

Gaspar Noé

Gaspar Noé

Running Time:
1h 35min


It’s not every day that we see the usual end-credits of a movie at the beginning of a film, so with that, the latest Ghasper Noe (“Love”, “Enter The Void”) film, Climax, surprised us.

Job interviews. We all fear them, hate them and despise them. Sadly, they are a necessity occasionally. However, if it’s for something we love, we nail those interviews and so do all the dancers wanting the join the team from Selva, Sofia Boutella (“The Mummy“, “Atomic Blonde“).

All from different backgrounds, race, class, and age, but most of them French. From very young, white classic dancers to older, but more mature, black hip-hoppers.

At the beginning, it really seems that Climax is all about new friends having the time of their lives while doing what they like: dancing, partying and being close to each other (in all aspects of the words).

When you take a closer look, the happy and fun life might not be that after all. “Birth and death are extraordinary experiences. Life is a fleeting pleasure.” But what if pleasure isn’t enjoyable anymore? Is there only death?

May be, maybe not. That’s for you to find out if you’re staying until the end.

Climax isn’t lifeless or uninteresting at all. The music, the moves, and the neon lights make this movie very mesmerizing and impressive.

Add a quirky and wild story to this and you get a fascinating and shocking film. It’s just the fact that the shock effect doesn’t stay for long. When it fades away, Climax becomes too crazy without any substance or meaning.

Just like in his previous works, Noe decided to work with unknown actors and actresses. The only familiar face on the big screen is Sofia Boutella as the eye-catching and intriguing Selva.

A woman torn between her passion of dancing and the alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. Boutella takes us on a psychedelic ride full of emotions. Those screams of pain, agony, and confusion will stick with us for a while. Just like the entire movie.

She’s surrounded by an amazing cast full including as Romain Guillermic, (“Elektro Mathematrix”), Souheila Yacoub (“Plus Belle La Vie”, “Les Affamés”) and Kiddy Smile (“Le Gros Journal”, “C à Vous”).

Because of the eclectic cast, the movie is duo lingual, the French-English add a special vibe to this movie.

In a movie like this, we need to applaud the choreography and this time it comes from Nina McNeely. The Major Lazer and Diplo influences really shines through the performances in Climax. Exuberant, eye-popping and head spinning choreography give us a little bit of a headache but still congratulations to McNeely and her team.

The cast might already have great dance moves but in this movie, they seem very professional. Also, the cinematography team and camera department put their mark on this movie. The neon light, flashy colours and multiple and unusual camera angles are one of the few key factors of Climax. And then we haven’t had it about the mid-movie credits.

So, if you want to watch a movie with a great story, well balanced and award-winning acting performances, then Climax isn’t really what you would be looking for.

However, if you’re willing to watch an incredibly odd and rare movie with psychedelically vibes and strange but still memorable story, then this newest Ghasper Noe is something you will love.


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