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31st July 2020

Why Think About Life, When You Should Be Busy Living It?

I went into this film thinking it was a comedy about mishaps between two friends in Thailand, and I was so wrong! This was a beautiful tale about living life in the moment and really appreciating what you have rather than regret what you don’t.

Seth Green (“Robot Chicken (TV)”, “Austin Powers series”) stars as Brandon, a very emotionally numb man who decides to leave quietly on a trip to Thailand with his best friend, Dan, Breckin Meyer (“Clueless”, “Road Trip”). As the trip goes on, Brandon learns that he left a lot behind in life to focus on someone that never gave him love in return.

Seth Green shines in his directorial debut and proves that he’s just as capable behind the camera as he is in front of it. Green gives each character their moment and lets the beautiful scenery breathe. Like the characters, I was left in awe everywhere they went.

Green does a fantastic job as Brandon and portrays him with a very realistic personality. Brandon is someone who would rather go numb than approach reality, and I know that I’ve done that before. Green doesn’t get too many dramatic roles but this character reminded me of watching Michael Fassbender in “Shame”, but a way less grotesque version.

Meyer’s Dan was not essential, but I was glad he was there during Brandon’s journey. Dan is mostly there as a guide for Brandon’s past mistakes and makes sure the party is always there to lift his best friend.

The supporting cast is sufficient in their roles with Macaulay Culkin (“Party Monster”, “Home Alone”) being the standout. Culkin plays Ian, a tour guide who helps Brandon realize that life is worth living and not just thinking about what’s next. He still has his comedic timing and looks like he is having a blast in this role.

I felt like the writing was a bit off at times, but Green (credited as the only writer) definitely has a future with this type of storytelling. There were a few times I got emotional, but those were due to the performances rather than the writing. I felt like we got more from what he didn’t say rather than another conversation about what he should do next.

I really hope to see Green headline more films in the future, as this was a great representation of what he can with a dramatic piece. People may only know Green for being ‘Scott Evil’ but I hope they check this film out to see what ‘Scotty’ can really do.

While visiting Thailand, two estranged friends realize there's no rule book for finding purpose and meaning in life.

27th June 2019

Seth Green

Seth Green

Running Time:
1h 26min

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