Big Time Adolescence

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31st March 2020

Pete Davidson Shines In An Average Coming-of-age Story

We all grew up idolizing someone that didn’t deserve the attention, and Pete Davidson (“SNL (TV)”, “What Men Want”) somehow puts all those ugly characteristics into Zeke while proving the actor is a star in the making.

The story focuses on 16-year-old Monroe, Griffin Gluck (“American Vandal (TV)”, “Tall Girl”) as he navigates through high school thinking he is a lot cooler than he really is because he hangs out with older people like Zeke.

Zeke and his friends, one of which is played by rapper Machine Gun Kelly, drink and smoke all day and then play drinking games at night. Monroe loves this lifestyle because he thinks Zeke is the coolest and if Zeke is happy doing this, Monroe can be too.

Like every coming-of-age film before it, situations arise and make everyone to look at themselves differently and so on and so forth.

Even though the acting is superb, and everyone is great in this, the movie itself doesn’t have any memorable moments that stick out. Certain scenes feel like they are taken from better movies that have come before it.

Davidson really does exceptional work as foolish Zeke. He makes you root for Zeke since his laid-back persona glosses over the wrong decisions that he has made throughout his life. Gluck does solid work as the misguided Monroe but is mostly the straight man to everyone around him.

The biggest surprise of the film for me was Jon Cryer (“Two And A Half Men (TV)”, “Pretty In Pink”) as Monroe’s father, Reuben. He plays Reuben with such a pathos, that you start to root for him from his first scene. There’s a physical scene that happens between him and Davidson that shows Cryer is a dramatic talent that has been slept on for a long time.

First-time-feature director and writer Jason Orley creates a realistic approach to modern family type households but doesn’t veer too far away from High School film clichés. I would like to see what Orley does next since he brings out the best out of his actors. I want to see him tackle a more serious film and really prove his talents.

This film is streaming exclusively on Hulu, and with everything happening in the world right now, there should be a nice audience for this film. I hope ‘Big Time Adolescence’ gives Davidson the attention he deserves as a film star compared to the media circus that has been around the last few years. Davidson is very talented, and I want to see him headlining more challenging films.

A suburban teenager comes of age under the destructive guidance of his best friend, an aimless college dropout.

20th March 2020

Jason Orley

Jason Orley

Running Time:
1h 31min

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