At The End Of The Day

Who Did You Love Today, Dave?

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A conservative professor at a Christian college finds himself in a gay support group to stop their launch of an LGBT homeless youth shelter in their small town.


There are many, many topics that you could decide to make a film about, and many of them would, to someone, somewhere, be controversial. A film involving the LGBTQ community and the evangelical church, would be one such subject.

But that’s exactly what filmmaker Kevin O’Brien has decided to do. O’Brien says he grew up in a conservative, evangelical Christian home and was taught “love the sinner, hate the sin” was the loving approach to the LGBTQ community.

That’s exactly the approach Dave Hopper, Stephen Shane Martin (“Sleepy Hollow (TV)”, “Bloated Minds”), preaches when he joins a local Christian Church College after moving back to his home town.

His boss, Tom Nowicki (“Mr Mercedes (TV)”, “Flight”), is even more conservative and is hell-bent, or heaven-bent, or heaven-straight? Anyway, he really wants a local building so he can expand the campus.

There’s a problem though, as the previous owner of said building allowed a support group to have exclusive use and told them they could have it, if they could raise the money to pay off some debts.

To see how they are doing, Hopper goes in undercover and what he finds is not what he is expecting. The support group, a handful of people from the LGBTQ spectrum, are not only supporting each other, but want to turn the building into a homeless shelter for the LGBTQ community.

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Don't look at the girl in yellow...

Alyssa, Danielle Sagona (“Sleepy Hollow (TV)”, “Graceland (TV)”), is the woman running the group, who took it on from her brother who was killed in a race-hate crime.


What will our conservative college professor make of the whole thing? Particularly when the group mistake him for a shy, gay man, take him to gay bars and get him involved in sponsored events to raise money to buy the building.


At The End Of The Day is a comedy and drama and, given the subject matter, you could imagine in the wrong hands it would be a car crash either way. Whilst I’m certain that members of the evangelical church, or most religious groups, will not be happy with it, the truth of the matter is O’Brien has created a lovely, gentle film about love.


The production values are good, the directing is good, O’Brien could have steamed in, all guns blazing and took aim at either side with vitriol. But he doesn’t. We gently go on this journey with Dave as he struggles with his own issues and his own beliefs.


Dave doesn’t ‘turn’ or doesn’t suddenly become something he isn’t. Martin plays him the same throughout, a careful, quiet, thoughtful man who cares, ultimately, about people, but his religion has stopped him seeing some people as people, instead seeing them as gay, or lesbian etc.


There are, at times, a few clich├ęs thrown in, but ultimately At The End Of The Day is a nice, gentle film about love. How we should love who we are, that we should allow others to love who they are, that we should allow others to love who they want.


If we all did that, and stopped sticking our noses into other people’s live, telling them how we think they should live, wouldn’t the world be a nicer place? And that goes for both parties involved.


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