Alien Party Crashers

AKA Canaries

I had such high hopes for Alien Party Crashers, though perhaps I should have been warned by the change of title. Canaries is odd and Alien Party Crashers just sounds, well, cheesy.

Billed as a comedy, horror, sci-fi flick, APC fails on all three. It has a convoluted storyline filled with clich├ęs, some men wearing yellow macs with long fingernails as the ‘aliens’ and some of the least likeable protagonists I’ve seen in a while.

I wanted APC to be along the lines of Grabbers, or Slither, sadly it couldn’t be further away if it had tried.

The story centres around Steve Dennis, Craig Russell (“Doctors (TV)”, “Viking Siege“), a man from the valleys who has moved to London to become a radio personality DJ. He returns on New Years Eve, 2015, to throw a party for some friends, which turns out to be a handful of people.

Whilst they start, what looks like the worst party of all time, over in the US of A, a bunch of folk from a secret division of some government organisation watches over this small village in Wales using satellites.

They’re watching because they’ve been sent a message by some time-travelling aliens, who have struck a number of times before, that they’ll strike again and, rather than intervene, they sit back and watch.

As the aliens attack this party, for reasons that may have been explained but you won’t care by this point, partygoer Sunita, Sheena Bhattessa (“Ransom (TV)”, “Doctors (TV)”), steps up to save the day. Bhattessa is easily the best thing in APC, though it’s a serious role, a heroine, rather than the laughs the movie so badly needs.

Other than that; we have a drunk Welsh man, who has a bee in his bonnet about the people from London being all “la-de-daa”, a fish monger who is drunk from the word go and Robert Pugh (“Colette“, “Game Of Thrones (TV)”) as the police officer/bar owner.

I know the budget was low and for that I can say that writer/director Peter Stray (“Hal (Short)”, “Figure Of Fun (Short)”) makes it feel like he has more than he probably had. The directing is good, editing is tight, it’s all good there.

I could even forgive the men in yellow macs walking round pretending to be aliens. If that’s what your budget stretches to, go with it.

But I struggle to forgive that when the script lacks laughs, when money has been spent filming in Vietnam and Martha’s Vineyard in America, which only serve to make the story convoluted.

That time, money and effort would have been better spent on working with what they had. The potential for a great, funny, sci-fi or horror film set in a small Welsh village.

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The first wave of an alien invasion coincides with a New Years Eve party in a Welsh valley.

18th March 2019

Peter Stray

Peter Stray

Running Time:
1h 24min

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