Young, Free And Out In The Sea

Imagine: you’re young, wild, free and want to discover the world. No better way to do that than just taking the backpack and passport to travel as far as you can.

That’s exactly what Tami Oldham did, and little did she know that it would have a massive impact on her life.

Her incredible story has now been turned into a thrilling movie at the hand of Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur (Everest, 2 Guns).

The astonishing story isn’t the only showstopper of this movie. No, leading actor Shailene Woodley (Allegiant, The Fault In Our Stars) puts on a marvellous performance as Oldman herself, thanks to which, you will be captivated all the way through the very moving story.

When the 23-years old Oldham decides to leave San Diego to extend her horizons in Tahiti, she never imagined that that decision would change her life completely.

While working in the haven, she encounters the very open and charming Richard Sharp, Sam Claflin (Snow White And The Huntsman, The Hunger Games) with whom she falls, head over heels, in love with.

Sharp, who has been sailing around the world in his home made boat, introduces her to the mesmerizing world of his own home, the infinity sea.

Having an amazing time, the two lovebirds decide to take their love even further. Sailing from Tahiti to San Diego. Just them, the boat and the wonderful aspects of the sea.

It sounds like a dream but it becomes a nightmare when their boat sadly capsizes. Sharp is thrown overboard while Oldham gets catapulted right into the basement.

If you think that’s the worst part of the journey over, then you should think again, because the real struggle for Oldham has just started.

Still shaken up by the accident and disorientated due to her head injury, she doesn’t only have to put the pieces back together, but also to find the love of her life who’s floating all alone somewhere in the open sea.

Will she be able to set course again to their destination, and will her lover sail back into her arms or will the sea be too difficult to tame?

Just like his Everest from 2015, Kormákur decided to base Adrift on real life events and knowing that just make from this movie an even more gripping and moving film.

While watching the movie, you might forget that you’re watching someone else’s lives. You see two people falling in love, having a great time but also watch them literally going under and holding on to the last grabs they have to stay alive.

Sounds like any other movie but when you’re confronted with the fact it’s based on real lives, the film sticks with you even more.

It’s not only because of the story that Adrift will grab your attention, but it’s also because of the astonishing acting performances.

Woodley is mesmerizing as Oldham, whose emotions are pushing her through the most difficult time of her life, and who’s looking for her love with a little bit of hope. Hope that might be lost.

Opposite Woodley is Sam Claflin with his very charismatic and lovely performance as the charming man that Sharp is.

Filming a movie is never easy and certainly not when water is involved. Right from the start, you see that Kormákur and his team pulled it off in a stunning way.

The very first scene is a five minute long continuous shot in which Woodley is seen stumbling, falling into the water, climbing over and under the broken pieces and stuff that broke down right after the boat collapsed.

That scene can be seen as a short version of the movie. Oldham struggling to survive, screaming after the love of her life and trying to find a way out.

Do you want to miss a captivating movie that tells an incredible emotional story that’s being told thanks to fine performances and eye catching cinematography? If you don’t, then go and check out Adrift.

Tami Oldham's incredible story has now been turned into a thrilling movie at the hand of Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur

29th June 2018

Baltasar Kormákur

Aaron Kandell, Jordan Kandell, David Branson Smith

Running Time:
1h 36min

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