Addicted To You

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3rd April 2020

Addicted to You is a comedy where a womaniser (Luke) will do anything (including signing up to a sex addicts group) to avoid relationships and love.

Schooled by his uncle, Luke (Shane Hartline , Stuck in the Middle -TV) starts his teenage years with the maxim ‘thou shall never fall in love’ and ‘lie to avoid heartbreak’ and as the years slide by he hones his skills of womanising and lying to that end alone.

Years late he’s working at Buzzstory when a new girl, Amie (Cat Alter) shows up at the office. Immediately she’s like the cliché of a “lad”, giving the guys in the office a rating and looking to get her “office groove on”. Amie locks her sights on Luke and despite Jackson (Choni Francis) and his massively inflated ego she remains unrelenting in her pursuit.

Amie proves to be a quite inconsistent character throughout the movie; at the start of the Amie is a ‘lad’, then she’s clingy then psychotic then sensible then back to psychotic again. She’s always used as a bit of comic relief by the writers but she’s also quite an annoying character.

Meeting for drinks after work Amie’s aggressive femininity puts the others, the men especially, on edge. While the other lads all try too hard to woo, Luke just seems to girls falling over themselves for him. Luke think’s his luck is in and after the party Amie goes in for the kill (almost literally) and the result is inevitable.

However Luke’s in for a surprise when he wakes up and realises just how unhinged Amie really is. She drops the “L-bomb” , introduces her mum and licks his face: it’s cringy and amusing in equal parts.

Despairing he turns to his friends, David and Jackson who, after some ruthless mocking come up with the idea he should claim he’s a sex addict. He does but unbeknown to him his boss Mr Adams, Warren Burke (“Jimmy Kimmel Live!”) is also an addict and soon Luke finds himself invited to a sex addict group.

Mr Adam’s overly touchy, feely nature and his attempts to be ‘down with the kids’ make for some humorous and cringy moments, but in a way you can’t help but love him.

The sex addict group is headed up by a guy who’s an amusing cliché of all those self help gurus, he’s fun to watch because it’s just so true. But also there is the stunning Kara, Melissa Paulo (“Star Trek Into Darkness”, “Sex Tape”) working undercover on her latest article – no prizes for guessing who’s going to be the love interest here…

Returning to base camp Luke tells the others about the meeting. They’re all sitting around getting high and then the movie takes a strange turn. Suddenly the, clean, well lit scenes are replaced with a cheap, crappy animation style similar to what you’d get after 10 mins on MS Paint. There are plenty of cultural references here but as a non American I didn’t really get most of what they were talking about. I think making the ‘high’ scenes animation was a bit of a cop-out but it’s the style that I found most disruptive. It was a real low point in the movie and the scene drags on and on and it’s just not funny at all.

Alone in a bar Jackson Opens up about his feelings of inadequacy. It’s a serious moment in the film and it’s nice that the moment is done with sincerity and not flippantly. It shows how much bravo men often hide behind but sadly Jackson returns to type by the end of the movie and the moment is somewhat forgotten.

In a slight twist to the usual Rom com, both parties have their secrets and keep them well hidden while they become more and more entangled. However most of the rest of the film is sadly predictable

Despite his apparent sex addiction Kara invites him over and answers the door in attire scant enough to make any red blooded male have palpations. I’m not sure of the moral correctness of giving an addict what they are crave but if he were a junkie then she just gave him some of the purest white stuff and helped him sniff it.

Of course she still has the moral dilemma of finding true love or further her career. Her gay housemate (Tory Devon Smith) a tired cliché but still amusing, is there to point her in the right direction.

When eventually Kara finds out Lukes secret her reaction is of course overly dramatic and typical of this genre. Following this rather boring pattern felt like a missed opportunity and given other parts of the film, somewhat disappointing. Also as usual the reaction of the deceived far outweighs the crime, especially when her crime of course is somewhat worse than his.

It all comes to a rather predictable end and after a strong beginning it’s somewhat anticlimactic. Addicted to You has a few amusing moments though I wouldn’t call the movie laugh out loud funny. The shooting is nice and clean, with great lighting, it certainly looks more than an low budget movie

In the first quarter Addicted to You has an interesting retro 8 bit style soundtrack in places but unfortunately that becomes more dull and generic as the film progresses.

Addicted to You is an amusing unsoppy romcom that manages to keep the pace ticking along, it could have had more laughs and its sadly predictable but it’s worth a watch if you like the genre.

Luke, a Buzzstory producer, is convinced at an early age to "never fall in love". He takes this advice into adulthood, until he sleeps with his new co-worker, Aimee, who falls madly in love with him. With his job at stake, Luke devises a master plan to pose as a recovering sex addict to ditch Aimee.

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