A Simple Favour

A Powerhouse Movie With Two Stunning Leading Ladies

Helping others can manifest in different forms and ways. From doing the dishes to offering comfort during a difficult time and from cooking a nice meal for two to cracking up in laughter with the other person.

For Stephanie Smothers, Anna Kendrick (“Trolls“, “Pitch Perfect 2”), it was just picking up her new best friend’s son from schools. Little did she know that this would have an immense and irreversible impact on her life.

With A Simple Favour, director Paul Feig (“Spy”, “Bridesmaids”) doesn’t only show his darker and mysterious side but also the astonishing on-screen chemistry between Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.

While grieving the deaths of her brother and husband, single mum Stephanie (Kendrick) is vlogging to bring some light in her life and to help other mums with tips and tricks.

Her life is very straightforward. Picking up her son from school every day and being the role model for all the parents without forgetting taking time off for her own pleasure and fun. One moment. One encounter. That’s all it takes to turn that uncomplicated life completely upside down.

When meeting the enigmatic and secretive Emily Nelson, Blake Lively (“Gossip Girl (TV)”, “Green Lantern”), the mother of her son’s best friend, Stephanie is totally captivated by her appearance and personality.

Despite being from totally different worlds (Emily the classier and high-class businesswoman while Stephanie being the more down-to-earth mum), the two women are growing closely rapidly while telling dirty and dark secrets and having drinks (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world).

Things are changing again completely when Emily is asking Stephanie a simple favour by picking up her son from school until she comes and gets him. However, that day never comes. One day, two days, three days pass by without any sign of Emily.

Trying to find out where her new best friend is, Stephanie is digging into Emily’s pitch-black past which involves secrets that should have stayed hidden… Will the truth ever come out or will Emily have taken all her mysteries with her to her grave?

We all know Feig from light-hearted comedies such as Heat and Ghostbusters. However, with A Simple Favour, that is based on last year’s novel from Darcey Bell, he unleashes a more shady and secretive side, which is honestly very pleasing to watch.

From the start, dark secrets are surfacing and by the end of the film, you don’t know what’s real or fake or whom to trust and who not. One minute, you think you’ve unraveled the mystery around Emily but then one minute later, it seems you’re back to square one.

The big mystery and all its small secret will keep you on your toes until the end of the movie.

If there’s one thing we’re going to remember from this movie, apart from the story, is the exceptional on-screen chemistry between Lively and Kendrick. Lively is incredibly mesmerizing, captivating and fascinating as the elegant, chic and fashionable Emily.

Opposite her, we see Kendrick who’s charming, fascinating and dazzling as the more down-to-earth and caring mother who clearly has some shady secrets of her own.

We want to applaud the costume department of this film for all the wonderful costumes. Every outfit was one that deserved to be on the big screen.

The male power in this movie is being brought by Henry Golding, who’s winning hearts with his wonderful performance in Crazy Rich Asians. Again, a charming and lovely man this time but one with a mysterious vibe around it.

We also want to give our biggest compliments to the cinematography team lead by John Schwartzman and production design team from Jefferson Sage. They created the stylish, trendy and sharp look that A Simple Favour totally deserves, and which grabs our attention from the first until the very last second.

The designs look astonishing, breath-taking and staggering and it lifts this movie up to another whole new level. What makes this movie even more spectacular is the perfectly fitting music. Some French songs which give this an even sassier atmosphere.

A classy and sleekly film with an incredibly captivating and intriguing story that will suck your attention to the screen for the whole time. What more do you want? Just another round of A Simple Favour and that lovely gin.

A woman seeks to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of her best friend.

21st September 2018

Paul Feig

Jessica Sharzer

Running Time:
1h 57min

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