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Interview Ritchi Edwards (“Homeless Ashes”)

You Will Have A Whole New Perspective On Things

24th October 2019
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Having fresh food every day, new clothes once in a while and a roof over our heads seem like a no-brainer but it’s everything but that. Many people around the world can’t afford that due to personal, financial or other reasons and sadly, they become homeless.

Director Marc Zammit wants to get homelessness out of this world and actor Ritchi Edwards shares that same vision. Edwards stars in Zammit’s directional debut film “Homeless Ashes” and we talked to him during the Raindance Film Festival not so long ago.

Liselotte Vanophem: Hi, welcome to the Raindance Film Festival. How do you feel?

Ritchi Edwards: Well, I’m quite overwhelmed, to be honest. This is the first major film I’ve done. The support we got is amazing.

LV: How did you get in contact with Mark and the team?

RE: Well, I’ve been part of “Homeless Ashes” from the very beginning so about four years ago. Originally my character Al was going to be an immigrant but then we had a discussion. We talked about transforming him into an English war veteran. It would be more relatable as there are a lot of veterans out on the street. A lot of talks happened and we all became close friends. Now we’re here.

LV: Awesome! Why should people come and watch this film?

RE: So many reasons. It’s a massive eyeopener. It raises awareness of domestic abuse and homelessness. It’s not only a sad film but also a beautiful one. Watch it and when you come out you will have a whole new perspective on things.

LV: What do you hope people will take away when they saw the film?

RE: I hope that people will see homeless people now with more respect and not like some sort of trash. My character is a war veteran and he became homeless and so becoming homeless can happen to anyone. Of course, I want people to enjoy the film and, it’s maybe weird to say, but cry.

LV: I’m pretty sure people will and I will probably the first one to do so.

RE: Well, I never thought I would say this but please do.

LV: We’re here at Raindance to celebrate independent films, independent filmmakers and first-time filmmakers. Why do you think it’s important that people still come and watch films like yours?

RE: Today, the big studios have taken over space in the film industry. I think something like this festival is incredibly special. So much talent is being shown here. New talent and people with a uniqueness like me. I think this is a place where people can shine. It’s the first time I’m at Raindance and I’m blown away, especially from a unique actors’ perspective. 

LV: Do you remember your first acting job?

RE: Yes, it was actually at the West End here in London. I played The Beatles’ manager.

LV: Well, then this must feel like coming home?

RE: Oh yes, it certainly does. I feel like I’m home again instead of on a vacation. I’m enjoying this.

LV: Are there already other projects you’re working on?

RE: I have a few projects coming up. One of them is a film called Primrose in which I’m starring. Hopefully, we will be shooting that next year. I will also work on another film with Mark called Big Bounty. I also got another film coming out next year called B.R.I. Watch out for those, guys!

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