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Jordan Calloway Interview

"We Are All Dependent On Apps"

28th October 2019
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Jordan Calloway has a simple answer when asked if he would use a Countdown app to find out how much time he had to live.

“Definitely not!” the actor, who has starred in hit TV series Riverdale, Unfabulous and ER, said.

Justin plays Matt, who pairs up with Quinn (Elizabeth Lail), as they race the clock to defeat a demon ready to kill them once their Countdown clock hits zero.

In this interview Justin talks about his favourite apps, the chemistry he had with Elizabeth and how horror films terrify him.

Hey Jordan, Countdown is a lot of fun to watch, although there are some terrifying scenes in it. Congratulations on the film.

JC: I’m glad to hear that. It was (director) Justin (Dec) and everyone else’s goal to have fun but also terrify (laughs).

Can you talk about your character. Explain who Matt is and what happens to him?

JC: So we meet my, I’d like to say, charming character (laughs), when he comes in contact with Quinn, played by Elizabeth Lail, at a cell phone store. Our characters have been dealing with the same type of issues with the app and being haunted, seeing different ghosts and ghouls. With my character it is mainly my little brother. I’m carrying the burden of something that happened years ago. I don’t want to give too much away of the story, but the two of them go on a quest to shut this app down and get it off our phones.

How important are apps in your life? Most of us load our phones up with them and rely on them for almost everything.

JC: Yeah, we are all dependent on apps. For me, Instagram and Facebook are huge. That is why Countdown is so great. We also love to try out new apps and being a part of the newest big thing or craze. It goes back to the old adage of if somebody jumps off a cliff what are you going to do? Are you
going to follow? We see that with this Countdown app when it starts. People are downloading the app and checking when they will supposedly die and find out that, “Oh, this isn’t a good thing” (laughs).

If there was an app that 100 per cent accurately told you when you are going to die would you use it?

JC: I would stay away from it, because I don’t want to know. I’m not going to lie (laughs). It’s a bit scary. We’re talking about being able to find out when you’re going to die! Definitely not (laughs).

There is a Countdown app out there, right?

JC: Yeah. I thought that was quite funny. It was created by a gentleman in England, apparently. It became the number one downloaded app.

Another interesting element of Countdown is the use of “contract agreements” – the long, legal contracts apps or other websites get us to approve. Do you read every word of the contracts or are you like me and just click “yes” or “agree”?

JC: Oh no. You definitely have to read the whole thing (laughs).

I read you get really scared when you watch a horror film. What’s going on? You’re a big, strong guy!

JC: (Laughs) Yeah, I get scared. I’m the guy that’s watching the movie who screams out loud. People say to me, “That really scared you?” I’m like, “Yes!” I have no shame. I think working on Countdown I was able to see the different gags and the artistic side of it helped me not be so scared. We had a great special effects team.

What is it like acting in the really scary scenes? I’ve heard some actors say it’s actually hard not to laugh sometimes because the scenes are so crazy?

JC: We all had a lot of fun doing this film. The film has a lot of scary scenes, but it also has a lot of humor in there too. It’s not the type of humor where anybody’s trying too hard. It is testament to the writing. I think what was very important to Justin and to the producers was to make sure that we were all were having a good time and that created a family type of mindset. It was a close-knit group of people.

What was the casting process like because you and Elizabeth have a lot of chemistry? Did you audition together or separately?

JC: Elizabeth was cast before me. I had to go through a few auditions and I ended up testing with Elizabeth. She flew in from New York. It was great, we had a good time and I was lucky enough to get the role.

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