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Interview Isabel Fidderman (“Soundtrack To Sixteen”)

Making This Film Was Very Different But I Really Enjoyed It!

28th March 2020
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A feelgood movie about being a teenager, love, friendship, and music? Well, “Soundtrack to Sixteen” is definitely something we could use. That’s why we spoke to actress Isabel Fidderman and talked with her about the movie, her soundtrack when she was sixteen and theatre.

Liselotte Vanophem: Is this the first public screening of this movie?

Isabel Fidderman: We had a premiere at the London Independent Film Festival which was a festival screening. This screening at The Prince Charles Cinema is the first cinema screening. It’s really exciting.

LV: The story feels very relatable on so many levels. How was it for you when you read the script for the first time?

IF: I’ve known Anna and Hillary my entire life and so much of the characters were taken from our lives. Sometimes it felt a little bit too close to home.

LV: You knew the Shakespeare sisters before so how did they approach you for this role? Was there a casting or did they just offered you the part?

IF: I did audition but I think they’ve written that character with me slightly in mind. That might be slightly insulting because my character is the lame best friend. I think it was partly based on the time during which I wore similar clothes and heads that you see in the film. I auditioned with the rest of the cast and the sisters were kind enough to give me the part.

LV: Did you already have acting experience before?

IF: Well, this is my first film but I trained in stage acting. Making this film was very different but I really enjoyed it! It was amazing working with two directors who aren’t only incredibly talented but who also cared so much about their project. They had such a true love for the cast and the characters. It was really scary to go from stage to screen. Stage is nervewracking when you’re on stage but after that, it’s done but in film, that feeling lasts longer.

LV: What’s the scene of this film that will stick with you forever?

IF: I think my favourite scene was the one we filmed in the school in which we have a water fight. It’s when we’re still the four lame friends before Maisy wants to join the popular girls. We all had these bottles of water and Anna and Hillary said ‘Now we’re going to have a water fight’. We started filming it and it just felt like we were just playing a game. It was so much fun.

LV: This movie is also about music, hence the title. Do you still remember the songs you’ve listened to when you were sixteen?

IF: Yeah, I do and embarrassing, they’re still the same songs I listen to now. A lot of Taylor Swift, a lot of musicals and Ed Sheeran as well. I’m still a sixteen-year-old girl when it comes to my music taste.

LV: Do you already have other projects you’re working on, whether it’s stage or screen?

IF: At the moment, no. For now, I think I’ll stick with theatre rather than film. Making this film was such an amazing thing to do but I think theatre is still my favourite.

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