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Rebecca Zlotowski Interview

Ahead of the release of the heart-breaking, honest and extremely personal "Other People’s Children", we spoke to writer/director Rebecca Zlotowski and had a chat about writing the script, casting and important topics such as womanhood, motherhood and being a stepmother.

Michelle Danner Interview (“Miranda’s Victim”)

We chatted with director Michelle Danner to talk about her latest movie, "Miranda's Victim", the casting process, the need to support rape victims even more and what's next for her and this film.

Interview Clea DuVall And Railey And Seazynn Gilliland (“High School”)

We had a chat with creator Clea DuVall and actresses Railey and Seazynn Gilliland to talk about “High School”, 90’s music and making your television debut.

Interview With The Filmmakers Of Beyond The Neon

An in depth interview with the co-writers and producers of the indie, crime Thriller Beyond The Neon. This movie stars famous Youtuber Joey Salads (Joseph Saladino) and uncovers human sex trafficking in Las Vegas.

Tom Felton Talks Spielberg, Save The Cinema & Potter

Tom Felton talks to Sky TV about Steven Spielberg, his new movie Save The Cinema and almost playing Harry Potter.

Samantha Morton Talks Spielberg And Save The Cinema

Sky TV talk to Samantha Morton about Steven Spielberg her new film Save The Cinema and the art of mastering the Welsh accent.

Adeel Ahktar Interview

Adeel Ahktar talks with Sky TV about Save The Cinema and working alongside Jonathan Pryce.

Olivia Coleman Interview

Olivia Coleman on playing a murderer for Sky's new mini-series Landscapers.

Will Sharpe Interview

Director Will Sharpe talks about working with Olivia Coleman and David Thewlis and his extraordinary work on Sky TV's new mini-series Landscapers,

David Thewlis Interview

David Thewlis talks playing a murder and acting alongside Olivia Coleman for Sky TV's Landscapers

Ed Sinclair Interview

Ed Sinclair, writer of the new Sky TV mini-series Landscapers, talks about creating the series and his take on this crime.

Timothy J. Cox Video Interview

We recently got the chance to sit down, remotely, with actor and director Timothy J. Cox to discuss his work, past, present and future and how it all started.