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167 articles with the genre "Mystery"

Shining Girls, Episode 6 – Bright

When Harper returns home from war, he finds a new beginning.

Shining Girls – Episode 5, Screamer

Dan's article gains traction across the city. After a harrowing encounter, Kirby's grasp of reality comes into question.

Severance – Episode 9, The We We Are

Our review of the final episode of AppleTV+'s Severance series, including our thoughts on the first season.

Severance – Episode 8, What’s For Dinner?

The penultimate episode of Severance and it's a cracker! The gang are all finally poised with no knowledge of what's about to happen.

Severance – Episode 7, Defiant Jazz

Mark gets hold of a security card which will allow him into the security office at Lumon, just in time as they begin trying to lock their department in the office during the day.

Shining Girls – Episode 4, Attribution

Harper (Jamie Bell) appears to have something to do with the murders both Kirby and Dan are investigating, despite them taking place over many years and his appearance not changing.

Shining Girls – Episode 3, Overnight

Dan and Kirby spend the day looking into other murders in the area that match the MO of recent events and, to everyone's surprise, they find a lot.

Shining Girls – Episode 2, Evergreen

Dan finds an old tin box with the possessions of the dead girl, however the company on the box has been out of business for 50-years...

Shining Girls – Episode 1, Cutline

Meet Kirby Mazrachi (Elisabeth Moss) in AppleTV+'s latest series "Shining Girls" featuring a mysterious Harper (Jamie Bell).

Parallels – Episode 6, H-4

It’s only a few hours until ERN runs its final test. Sofia must jog Bilal’s memory, without fail: he is the only person with the knowledge she needs to make the interdimensional journey a success.

Parallels – Episode 5, A Simple Plan

Victor distances himself from them, becoming a loner. When Romane shares her secret with Bilal, he in turn reveals what he knows about his future.

Parallels – Episode 4, Bygone Innocence

Victor feels extremely bitter towards his parents, whereas Romane is overwhelmed with sadness and decides to try to comfort her mother. Unfortunately, this disrupts the latter’s life, triggering unforeseen consequences.