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167 articles with the genre "Mystery"

See How They Run

In the West End of 1950s London, plans for a movie version of a smash-hit play come to an abrupt halt after a pivotal member of the crew is murdered.


The residents of a lonely gulch in inland California bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery.

The Baby, Episode 8 – The Possession

Natasha decides to give the baby exactly what he's after amid growing concerns from her father Lyle, Bobbi, and Mrs. Eaves, who each go to great lengths to ensure her survival.

The Baby, Episode 7 – The Curse

In a last-ditch effort to break the curse, a severely weakened yet determined Mrs. Eaves sets off with Natasha in pursuit of Jack.

The Baby, Episode 6 – The Rage

Desperate to leave the Jupiter House, Natasha, Bobbi, and Mrs. Eaves find their plans thwarted by the chaos and destruction of the other suddenly-possessed children

The Baby, Episode 5 – The Baby

As Natasha and Mrs. Eaves remain trapped in Barbara's summer solstice ritual, the baby's complicated origin, connection to Mrs. Eaves, and trauma-filled path to Natasha are revealed.

The Baby, Episode 4 – The Mother

With the baby now in Bobbi's hands, Natasha must reunite with her mother Barbara, whom she hasn't seen in fifteen years.

The Baby, Episode 3 – The Bulldozer

Despite Mrs. Eaves' shocking solution to her baby problem, Natasha finds herself willing to do anything in exchange for her help - even if it's the herculean task of nap time.

The Baby, Episode 2 – The Seduction

Inexplicably reunited with the baby, Natasha scrambles to locate his mother and uncovers an alarming pattern of events on a thumb drive.

The Baby – Episode 1, The Arrival

After yet another friend makes a surprise pregnancy announcement, a dejected Natasha heads to a remote cabin to get her head straight.

Shining Girls, Episode 8 – 30

It's the final episode of season one of Shining Girls. Will Kirby get to the bottom of what's been going on? Will she finally get to meet Harper?

Shining Girls, Episode 7 – Offset

Things begin changing for Jin-Sook who is now part of the timeshifting that Sharon / Kirby is also experiencing.