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196 articles with the genre "Horror"

Morbius [Movie & Blu-Ray Review]

Jared Leto (“Justice League”, “Blade Runner 2049”) becomes one of few actors to play different roles in the MCU as he takes on the role of Dr. Michael Morbius. Morbius has a rare blood disease, not so rare that he’s the only person he knows with it as, when he was younger, he met Milo, […]

The Sadness (Ku Bei)

A young couple trying to reunite amid a city ravaged by a plague that turns its victims into deranged, bloodthirsty sadists.

Night’s End

An anxious shut-in moves into a haunted apartment, hiring a stranger to perform an exorcism which quickly takes a horrific turn.

Shining Vale – Chapter 7, Impertinent Questions

We being Chapter Seven with Rosemary, Mira Sorvino (“American Crime Story (TV)”, “Stuber”), swanning around the Phelps household, in black and white, like a Stepford Housewife.

Shining Vale – Chapter 6, Whispering Hope

On the verge of losing everything, Pat decides to make a deal that may damn her forever. Terry’s battle with depression has deadly consequences.

Shining Vale – Chapter 5, The Squirrel Knew

As Pat tries to get rid of Rosemary for good, she finds out that Terry has been keeping a horrifying secret from her. Meanwhile, Gaynor learns a secret about Pat that will change how she views her mother forever.

Shining Vale – Chapter 4, So Much Blood

Pat is writing like a woman possessed until she finds out the true identity of her muse. Terry makes a decision about work that will come back to haunt him.

Shining Vale – Chapter 3, The Yellow Paper

After years’s of writers block, Pat finally finds her muse through the help of a narcotic. Terry’s pitch to the NY Archdiocese turns out to be the presentation from hell.

Shining Vale – Chapter 2, She Comes At Night

Pat finds a clue as to the identity of the Fifties Housewife who keeps appearing to her, while Terry confronts a demon from his own past.

Shining Vale – Chapter 1, Welcome To Casa De Phelps

After an affair nearly destroys their marriage, Pat and Terry Phelps move their family from the city to Connecticut, to a house that may be haunted.

Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It

Dastan can no longer stand the constant nagging of his highly pregnant wife and decides to run away for at least one day with his friends . The men go fishing, which would have gone smoothly, if not for a series of unforeseen events.

Black Friday

A group of toy store employees must protect each other from a horde of parasite infected shoppers.