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43 articles with the genre "History"

Monterey Pop Blu-Ray

It was a June weekend of 1967 when the Monterey Pop festival kicked off. It was, for many, the start of the summer of love

Big Sonia

Sonia Warshawski is a diminutive 91-year old woman from Kansas who, no doubt, you will not have heard of unless you are from the area. But you should, you really should.

God Of War

God Of War is a Chinese/Hong Kong venture which sees the Chinese face-off against pirates and Japanese soldiers pretending to be pirates.


Italian American Tao Ruspoli, a man with a fascinating and hugely complicated back-story, takes us on a journey to see whether we were ever meant to be with just one person.

6 Days

I'm too young to remember first-hand the siege that took place on April 30th 1980 in which six armed gun-men took the occupants of the Iranian Embassy in London hostage.

Land Of Mine

It's 1945, the end of the second World War and we are in Denmark, just as the Germans, who had occupied the country for some five years, are leaving.

Man In Red Bandana

Welles Remy Crowther isn't a name a lot of people (myself included) will be familiar with. He isn't a soccer star or a basketball player or an actor, but he is a hero.


Christopher Nolan is back behind the camera, praise be, not any old camera though, oh no. He’s back behind the epic IMAX format for which he is firmly becoming the master for.

Faberge: A Life Of Its Own (2017)

Originally released in 2015, the documentary Faberge: A Life Of Its Own, has had some work done to show the world's most valuable Easter egg

The Founder

To say The Founder tells the story of McDonald's is a tad misleading. What it really tells the story of is Ray Kroc


Scorsese's 28-year pet project, based on the 1966 novel by Shusaku Endo, has already spawned two movies


Most people, when looking to make a film about the Kennedy’s, would most likely go for JFK, particularly if you were looking at a political movie about the Kennedy’s.