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870 articles with the genre "Drama"

Tetris (2023)

The story of how one of the world's most popular video games found its way to players around the globe.

Star Trek: Picard – Episode 6, The Bounty

Now on the run, Picard and the skeleton crew of the USS Titan must break into Starfleet's most top secret facility to expose a plot that could destroy the Federation. Picard must turn to an old friend for help.

A Good Person (2023)

Written and directed by Golden-Globe nominee Zach Braff, we follow Allison (Florence Pugh), a young woman whose world falls apart when she survives an unimaginable tragedy, whilst in recovery for an opioid addiction and unresolved grief.

Other People’s Children

A childless woman forms a deep bond with her boyfriend's young daughter.

Star Trek: Picard – Episode 5, Imposters

Caught by Starfleet and facing court martial, paranoia grows as Picard struggles to uncover whether a prodigal crewman from his past has returned as an ally - or an enemy hellbent on destroying them all.

The Boston Strangler (2023)

Loretta McLaughlin was the reporter who first connected the murders and broke the story of the Boston Strangler. She and Jean Cole challenged the sexism of the early 1960s to report on the city's most notorious serial killer.

Extrapolations – Episode 3, 2047

It's 2047 and Rabbi Marshall Zucker is in a race against rising sea levels to rescue his synagogue from the impending water.

Extrapolations – Episode 2, 2046

We pick up from the events of 2037 with Rebecca Shearer, Sienna Miller, who has now gone to work for Menagerie2100, a company that is attempting to gather all the information they can about species before they go extinct

Extrapolations – Episode 1, 2037

Forests worldwide are burning, whilst whole countries have no water, refugees are unwelcome and Nick Bilton, Kit Harington (“Eternals”, “Brimstone”), is the richest man on the planet

Star Trek: Picard – Episode 4, No Win Scenario

Picard, Riker and crew must confront the sins of their past as the Titan drifts helplessly in a mysterious space anomaly.

Star Trek: Picard – Episode 3, Seventeen Seconds (2023)

Picard grapples with a life-altering revelation as the crew of the Titan attempt to outmaneuver Vadic, while Raffi and Worf uncover a plot by a vengeful enemy.

Star Trek: Picard – Episode 2, Disengage (2023)

Aided by Seven of Nine and the crew of the U.S.S. Titan, Picard makes a shocking discovery that will alter his life forever