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741 articles with the genre "Drama"

I Hear The Trees Whispering

Running from his tormented past, a man takes a job in the middle of the woods, only to find his quiet life shattered when it soon turns out nothing around him is what it seems.

The Long Goodbye

Riz and his family are in the middle of a typical family day in their house, whilst a far right march plays out on the telly in the background, which eventually arrives at their front door, leading to a devastating outcome.

The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain

English artist Louis Wain rises to prominence at the end of the 19th century for his surreal cat paintings that seemed to reflect his declining sanity.

Save The Cinema

The story of Liz Evans, who lives in Carmarthen South West Wales, who starts a campaign in the 90s to save the Lyric Cinema.

Naked Singularity

John Boyega, a public defender burned out by the system, on the brink of disbarment, and seeing signs of the universe collapsing all around him decides to rob a multi-million drug deal of one of his clients

Dopesick – Episode 8, The People Vs. Purdue Pharma

Rick and Randy's criminal investigation now threatens Richard Sackler's empire, activists take action against Purdue, and Finnix tries to heal his beloved community that's been ravaged by addiction.

The Shrink Next Door – Episode 8, The Verdict

Our review of the final episode of The Shrink Next Door series from AppleTV+ and a wrap up of the series as a whole.

Dopesick – Episode 7, Black Box Warning

Richard Sackler and Purdue work the system to prevent their drug from being reined in, Bridget has a breakthrough in her mission

The Hand Of God

The story of a boy in the tumultuous Naples of the 1980s. Sorrentino's most personal film yet is a tale of fate and family, sports and cinema, love and loss.

Swan Song

In the near future, Cameron Turner is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Presented with an experimental solution to shield his wife and son from grief, he grapples with altering their fate in this exploration of love, loss, and sacrifice.

Invasion – Episode 10, First Day

There are celebrations around the world at the defeat of the aliens, but not everyone is convinced. Aneesha Malik isn’t convinced, something is telling her ‘not yet’.

Dr. Brain – Episode 6, Chapter 6

As the final episode of AppleTV+'s South Korean Drama is released, we review that plus the season as a whole.