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81 articles with the genre "Biography"

The Danish Girl

Why do we go to the cinema? I go to the cinema to be entertained mainly. I love to leave the cinema thinking I could have been the protagonist, or how amazing it would be to have been the protagonist.

The 33

I’m sure we all remember the 2010 Chilean Mine disaster. 33 men were trapped underground for a record 69 days before being rescued.

Kijû Yoshida: Love + Anarchism

On November 9th courtesy of Arrow Academy a new box set will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD devoted to one of Japan’s greatest and, some would say unsung, filmmakers.

Black Mass

Let me kick things off with the story behind Black Mass. Johnny Depp stars as James ‘Whitey’ Bulger

Unbroken Movie

Angelina Jolie’s third stint behind the camera comes in the form of a true story (note that’s true story, not based on a true story) about Louis Zamperini.


So far I haven’t been a huge fan of Ben Affleck’s movies, I haven’t seen them all but the ones I’ve seen didn’t set me on fire.


I’m not a Formula 1 fan, I much prefer MotoGP or Touring Cars, maybe Rallying, but I did used to watch the sport and I do remember watching the accident in which Senna tragically lost his life live on TV.


Jack Black is a lucky man. He has made some bad, bad movies as anyone who has seen Gulliver’s Travels can attest!


Knuckle is all about travellers and the bare-knuckle fighting they partake in, particularly the Quinn McDonagh family