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238 articles with the genre "Adventure"

Men In Black 3

Time travel is always a hard subject to cover in a movie. You obviously instantly have to suspend your beliefs, you have to imagine that one day time travel will be possible.

Red Tails

Red Tails has been a long time coming, George Lucas has been working on it for quite some time


When I came out of this film I met my girlfriend to go and have dinner. She didn’t want to see the movie as she thought it might be a little scary.

Snow White And The Huntsman

If you’re a football (soccer) fan you know that there are those teams that, when you ask someone who they support and they say that team, you don’t feel anything.

John Carter (of Mars)

So straight off the bat I should say I know nothing about the John Carter books except that they are written by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Safe House

I may have mentioned in the past that I’m not keen on thinking about ‘who-dunnit’ in a movie or trying to 'second-guess’ what’s-what from the start.

The Muppets

OK, so at heart, I’m just a MASSIVE kid! Or at least so it would seem.

The Grey

OK. So I had ‘wanted’ to see this movie as it seemed to get good reviews, it didn’t take me long to start wondering why this was the case.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I haven’t been a fan of the Mission Impossible movies thus far. From the original ‘96 Brian De Palma film, the John Woo 2000 effort and finally the J.J. Abrams '06 version

Puss In Boots

Spin offs don’t always work, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Insightful huh? But you know what I mean, there’s probably been as many good one’s as bad one’s.


I have to be honest, heck I’ve not really been much else thus far have I! But this film has me a little stumped.


Paul Giamatti plays a really shouty (he starts losing his voice at one point) King John, a king who has the smallest army you’ve ever seen