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276 articles with the genre "Adventure"

Star Trek: Picard – Episode 7, Monsters

Tallinn enters Picard's subconscious mind to help him wake from a coma and face his deepest fears; Seven and Raffi search for Jurati fearing she's succumbed to her inner monster; Rios struggles to hide the truth about himself from Teresa.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore

The third installment of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," which follows the continuing adventures of Newt Scamander.

Star Trek: Picard – Episode 6, Two Of One

Tallinn helps Picard and the crew infiltrate a gala on the eve of a joint space mission to protect an astronaut they believe is integral in restoring the timeline - Renee Picard; Kore makes a startling discovery about her father's work.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

When the manic Dr Robotnik returns to Earth with a new ally, Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic and his new friend Tails is all that stands in their way.

Star Trek: Picard – Episode 5, Fly Me To The Moon

Picard discovers an important person from his past may be integral to the divergence in the timeline. Q continues his manipulation of the timeline, taking an interest in Dr. Adam Soong. Seven and Raffi attempt a daring rescue of Rios, while Jurati faces the consequences of her deal with the Borg Queen.

Star Trek: Picard – Episode 4, The Watcher

With time running out to save the future, Picard seeks out an old friend for help; Rios winds up on the wrong side of the law; Jurati makes a deal with the Borg Queen.

Parallels – Episode 6, H-4

It’s only a few hours until ERN runs its final test. Sofia must jog Bilal’s memory, without fail: he is the only person with the knowledge she needs to make the interdimensional journey a success.

Parallels – Episode 5, A Simple Plan

Victor distances himself from them, becoming a loner. When Romane shares her secret with Bilal, he in turn reveals what he knows about his future.

Parallels – Episode 4, Bygone Innocence

Victor feels extremely bitter towards his parents, whereas Romane is overwhelmed with sadness and decides to try to comfort her mother. Unfortunately, this disrupts the latter’s life, triggering unforeseen consequences.

Parallels – Episode 3, Lost Time

Bilal gets snippets of memories of his “former life” but they’re still too vague to make any sense. While trying to fathom out how and why Romane and Victor went missing, Sam and Bilal remember the case of a boy named Hugo who also “vanished into thin air” ten years prior.

Parallels – Episode 2, Against All Odds

Victor and Romane find themselves in an “inversion”: in this new world they’re living in, Samuel and Bilal are the ones who have gone missing. Officer Retz finds out that the power outage, which affected the whole valley, was caused by an "incident" at the nearby scientific research organization, ERN.

Parallels – Episode 1, Hard Awakening

It’s Bilal’s birthday and he intends to celebrate it to the full with his best friends, Sam, Romane and Victor. All four teens meet up that evening in their “HQ,” a bunker in the heart of the forest.