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388 articles with the genre "Action"

2012 Total Recall

I am of the ilk that this film was pointless. More so than the TV gameshow of the same name.

The Watch

I’m not really a fan of many of the people in this movie, except for Richard Ayoade and perhaps Jonah Hill

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Movie

I shall keep this short as, frankly, there’s a million and one reviews of this movie all over the interweb and you’re not really going to be interested in little old mine!

Let The Bullets Fly Movie

I do like a good western, and I do like a good martial arts movie, so when the two are combined you can imagine I’m delighted!

Solomon Kane

I don’t usually go into a film without knowing anything about it. In fact I think that the last time I did, I was about 16!

Cowboys & Aliens

It’s never a good sign when there are seven writers credited to a movie, such is the case with Cowboys & Aliens.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

I had transformers as a kid, I even had Optimus Prime, also a cassette player (Soundwave) and I don’t remember the others.

Men In Black 3

Time travel is always a hard subject to cover in a movie. You obviously instantly have to suspend your beliefs, you have to imagine that one day time travel will be possible.

Red Tails

Red Tails has been a long time coming, George Lucas has been working on it for quite some time

Snow White And The Huntsman

If you’re a football (soccer) fan you know that there are those teams that, when you ask someone who they support and they say that team, you don’t feel anything.

The Raid (Redemption)

You may remember I mentioned this film when I wrote about Jackie Chan’s impending retirement from the world of ass kicking movies.

John Carter (of Mars)

So straight off the bat I should say I know nothing about the John Carter books except that they are written by Edgar Rice Burroughs