Western Stars

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16th October 2019

The Boss Brings His Latest Album To The Big Screen

He has been in the music business for the last fifty years and played in every corner of the world, from tiny venues or the biggest concert halls you could find. Now, Bruce Springsteen has finally got his own documentary.

“Western Stars” isn’t only the name of Springsteen’s latest album, but it’s also a fabulously, tenderly and wonderfully made feature.

Directors Thom Zimny (“The Ties That Bind”, “Elvis Presley: The Searcher”) and Springsteen take you to a cosy barn in the remote countryside. It was Springsteen himself who decided to refurbish this barn and to turn it into a very beautiful and unique concert venue. The very stylish bar and the cowboy-ish vibe included.

It will be on this dreamy location that Springsteen’s songs will be coming to live during “Western Stars” thanks to the singer, his wife Patti Scialfa, a delightful little orchestra and some great accompanying musicians.

This documentary won’t only move you with the lovely songs but also with the honest and personal stories. We get to watch unseen footage of the American singer when he was younger, when he was already madly in love with his wife or when he was just hitting the road in his magnificent car.

Ever since this movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, it’s being praised for many different reasons. This film might seem a little bit uninteresting, bland or just too ordinary to some of you, but we stand behind the praise.

First of all, “Western Stars” has stunning cinematography and brilliant set design which makes this film beautiful on the big screen. The cosy barn becomes an even cosier one.

Those wide shots inside the barn, during which you see the dazzling interior and stage setting, are just mesmerising. They create a very romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

If Zimny and Springsteen want some emotional scenes then that’s exactly what they get. The usage of close-ups will give this movie a personal and special touch especially when Springsteen tells his own intimate stories.

A movie about Springsteen wouldn’t be anything without the music. “Western Stars” isn’t a concert film but it’s also not a total documentary. The makers took the time to present us with multiple and beautiful live recorded songs.

No matter how you see “Western Stars”, music is a massive part of it. You go on a mesmerising adventure with songs such as “Chasin’ Wild Horses”, “Somewhere North of Nashville” and “Moonlight Motel”.

If you’re a Bruce Springsteen fan, then you will fall in love with this film instantly. You will adore this movie if you just want to see a lovely and relaxing documentary. “Western Stars” is eye-catching, musically vibrant, intimate and filled with a unique live performance.

Live concert performance of Bruce Springsteen singing songs from his album 'Western Stars'.

28th October 2019

Bruce Springsteen, Thom Zimny

Running Time:
1h 23min

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