Troll Inc.

Cat-And-Mouse Game About Lies, Secrets, Technology & Society

The internet is everywhere and we use it for everything. To shop online, to navigate through the city and of course to collect every piece of news we want.

However, we also use it for a lot of trash and sensation. Not only the popular media are gaining a lot from our gossip thirst but also the internet trolls are.

They are using the mass media, obsessed with click-bait, to conquer the internet world with their (controversial) movement.

That’s exactly what Troll inc is about. How internet trolls have the power to manipulate journalists, to influence elections and to leak the biggest secrets in the world, but also how all of this comes with a (almost) deadly price.

Troll inc follows Andrew Auernheimer (a.k.a ‘weev’) who, with the help of his friends, was able to get his hands on a ton of different e-mail addresses in 2010.

Most of those were from well-know and well-respected people. With this action, the underground movement Auernheimer named ‘Goatse’ revealed that both AT&T and Apple didn’t do enough or didn’t do anything at all to keep their consumers data safe.

Because of this major security breach and the immense international attention the deed got, the FBI begins a hunt to put Auernheimer behind bars, to make him pay for what he did.

Troll inc becomes a cat-and-mouse game about lies, secrets, technology and the impact this all has on society.

With this documentary, director George Russell (Teaching and Learning in Compton, American Drug War: The Last White Hope) shows us what we deep down know, but that we ignore fully: the internet is a place that does so much more harm than good.

Troll inc. digs deeper than just the hunt by the FBI to catch Auernheimer. It shows us what’s behind the motivations of the Trolls and makes us understand why the slightest, unexpected glitch on the internet can cause tremendous chaos, most of the time without any rational reason. We also get to know that the internet (and its darker side) might have a bigger impact than we already thought.

While watching Troll inc., we really start asking questions about our own internet use because it felt like we were watching our own life.

Not because of the action from Trolls (we really can’t achieve what they did even if we tried for the rest of our days) but because we saw how other people like us use the internet and how they were impacted by all of this. Our details, data but also secrets are there and we clearly know these aren’t safe at all.

You should definitely give some of your time to Troll inc. because it will make you realize how powerful the internet can be in a negative way and how easy it is for someone to access, what you thought, your private information.

How the government has difficulties apprehending “threatening” associations and how click-bait is dominating our online world more than we ever dare to admit.

Troll inc shows how internet trolls can manipulate journalists, influence elections and leak the biggest secrets in the world

28th May 2018

George Russell

Running Time:
1h 20min

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