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20th January 2020

Jamaican Music Showcased

Peter Webber is a name some of you may be familiar with, if not, you will no doubt know his work, for the British director was the man behind the camera for Girl With A Pearl Earring and Hannibal Rising.

This time round he turns his attention to the legends of the sound of Jamaica, people such as Ken Boothe, famous for Everything I Own, Cedric Myton of the Congos, Winston McAnuff, who wrote Malcolm X (the song that is), and more.

Webber gives us, the viewer, a glorious vista over the island of Jamaica which belies the struggle many on the island have faced and, indeed, some continue to face, from poverty and violence.

The film focusses on the coming together of these legends of the music to form a supergroup, Inna De Yard, but also provides an insight into the passing of what these legends know, onto the new artists rising up.

Webber introduces each artist, providing them with their own chapter to fill out, giving us biographical details and interjecting the whole thing with those same artists recording the songs we know them for.

Webber builds and builds us all up until we arrive at the finale, a live performance in Paris. Whilst Webber was obviously influenced by documentaries such as Buena Vista Social Club, Inna De Yard doesn’t quite live up to those heady heights, but it is still a lovingly put together documentary and a must-watch for those who love the music.

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A portrait of a group of pioneering reggae musicians, 'Inna De Yard' captures the ongoing relevance of reggae and its social values

20th January 2020

Peter Webber

Peter Webber

Running Time:
1h 39min

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