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Lost In Florence

Navigating between a romance movie and a sports movie, Lost in Florence ends up being…

Simon’s Quest

Simon is a young gay man followed by two documentarists who want to help him find a date

Partitioned Heart

Grief is a process – its five stages are pretty well known now, but no easier to go through

Little Tickles (Les Chatouilles)

Watching Little Tickles is already an emotional journey, but watching it with its writers/directors is indescribable.

The Red Lotus

In a very close future, abortion is entirely illegal in the United States but secret abortion centres still exist.

At War (En Guerre)

In At War, 1,100 employees of a factory are laid off after two years of heavy efforts from the workers

A Cambodian Spring

A Cambodian Spring shows us the activism of Cambodian villagers in their struggle for land-rights from 2009 to 2015

Redoubtable (Godard Mon Amour)

Everyone who is ever so slightly interested in cinema (and even some who aren’t) has heard of Jean-Luc Godard.

Elle Short

Elle is a beautiful story of passion in face of obstacles.


Jane, a young, shy woman is infatuated with her tutor Allen and accepts his invitation to a party

Cat Days

Cat Days is a sweet animated short film by Jon Frickey

Rave Party Massacre

Rave Party Massacre, directed by Jason Winn, is a slasher movie that takes us back to 1992