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Aisha Amin

Flight Of A Bullet

Using just a single, 80-minute long take, the 2014 Ukraine conflict is documented like never before.

An L.A. Minute

This film uses the homeless crisis in L.A. as a backdrop to the relationship between a millionaire writer and an edgy performance artist


The first few minutes of the film attempt to establish a convoluted, multilayered plot, the unique style and genre bending of the film piques the viewers attention

They Remain

Phillip Gelatt’s latest film They Remain is nothing short of an intense visual and psychological experience.

The Giant Killer

In the documentary The Giant Killer, first-time director and longtime police officer David Yuzuk attempts to memorialize the life of his homeless veteran friend, Richard J. Flaherty

This Beautiful Fantastic

Writer/director Simon Aboud’s latest film This Beautiful Fantastic transports us to the timeless world of a young Bella Brown

God’s Own Country [DVD]

Johnny Saxby, the protagonist of Francis Lee’s feature directorial debut God’s Own Country, has a brutal, oppressive and bleak life.